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Unfortunately, 'cat' is short for 'cathedral', not 'cats'. We didn't all go to Winchester College, because it's a boy's school. But when it's sunny (maybe about twice a year) we'll take you to the 'cat grounds' and sunbathe. It's a 14th century religious monument in the middle of the highstreet. Unless we want to woo tourists with our accents or something.7. We'll like to tell you on more than one occasion that Winchester used to be the capital of England back in the day. We've got to keep our city's claim to fame alive somehow.2. When you live in a small city where one of the best dancing options is a restaurant that pushes back its tables to turn into a 'club' at night, news spreads fast. Living in a small picturesque place like this may look pretty, but it also means your options for evenings out can get pretty limited. If you're really special, we might take you on a date to see the Round Table. ' more than seeing the place where King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table allegedly talked about slaying dragons and stuff.9. Daily exercise includes hiking up a massive hill to the train station, or alternatively another massive hill to the hospital and the uni so we won't judge you if you cancel your gym membership (or, you know, just never even get one in the first place).

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As in, “I can’t think of anything to give you, but here’s a new suitcase.” Afterward, I was like, “What were you thinking, idiot?Want us to show you where they made a bit of Les Mis, The Da Vinci Code, an array of period dramas?