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Meanwhile, the Jeffersons refuse to host a "tenants' protest" party organized by the Willises—until George sees it as a chance to impress his rich neighbors.

Hoping to land some free publicity, George schemes to land a big cover story on his dry cleaning empire.

When good son Lionel takes to partying all night, George and Louise want to put a halt to his wild ways before he drops out of school, but it's up to Mother Jefferson to lay down the law and get Lionel back on track.

To boost his classy image, George is bent on buying an expensive piano.

Marcus takes a lesson from George and throws a pretty girl the "Jefferson curve," which is to bend the truth to get what you want, telling the girl that he's Lionel.

This eventually leads George and Louise to believe that Lionel is having an affair.

Louise and George are invited to a costume ball hosted by an organization that promotes inter-racial peace and inter-racial marriages.

Their constant bickering keeps George, Louise and Florence up all night, and proves to be a burden on the Jefferson household.

When the Willises steal his spotlight, George learns the risks of blowing your own horn with hot air.