Who is chrisopher titus dating

28-Dec-2017 21:23

Titus takes on why you people need to TAKE A BREAK or die.Bombshell decides she wants to take a vacation to Fetus' home town to experience "Winter Carnival" and win the frying pan toss. In the news theres new competition for 7/11 in the form of 6/12..bedbugs...gross.The crew tells their shystiest shyster stories and Fetus tells us about Dr. Alex Jones is attacked and we meet Shirley who speaks Chinese. Bombshell gets praised for her on point eyebrow game and tells a riveting tale that'll have you pulling your hair out in excitement.Over 53 Billion dollars worth of unused vacation time is wasted every year in the US.The crew brings on comedian and author Greg Behrendt and attempt to avoid the dreaded "Comedian Circle Jerk". "The Titus Podcast returns after a two week hiatus.Titus and Greg reminisce about their early comedy days as well as the best way to punch a Nazi. Titus goes into detail about what Trump has been up to which includes: Boy Scout loyalty, The Mooch, the opioid, and his work to golf ratio. Bombshell and Fetus learn some interesting insight into the "rubber sheets" of Titus' past. admits to the world about collusion with the enemy.

Hilarious Armageddon Update and then the hardest rant about America's involvement internationally that Titus has ever spewed.

And Fetus tell yet another embarrassing story that didn't have to be.

If you have even flown United Airlines you may have a story.

A President who thinks a Taco Bell, taco bowl is Mexican food, makes a decision about the world climate agreement that could actually kill millions in a climate change fueled Armageddon.

OR we're just gonna have to wear more sunblock and flippers. Fetus attempts to convince Titus to take on NET NEUTRALITY!

Who should you call on to direct one of the biggest movie franchises in the world? Titus and the gang discuss why the new Han Solo Star Wars movie is better off with Ron Howard at the helm.