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And some of it will help me live, because over the last few years what they [his opponents] have done has affected my ability to earn a living.” The Channel 4 documentary was reportedly made by Kevin Sim, the freelance producer and director who made the shelved BBC film.He was previously quoted as saying the tapes were “dynamite” and the BBC shelved the 2007 documentary because it feared upsetting the monarchy.I want you to see you, and we will do your story, you will tell me your story, and then you can watch. If somebody can draw you out and take you to the best of you, and you then see it, it reaffirms, 'Yes, that is me, it's okay to be me.'” The resulting 20 video tapes were made at a time when Diana had already secretly talked to biographer Andrew Morton who first revealed the problems in her marriage, but before her 1995 Panorama interview in which she publicly declared: “There were three of us in this marriage.” Much of the footage recorded during Mr Settelen’s voice coaching sessions consists of Diana doing voice exercises, but some of it shows her speaking freely about her personal life. And then the thrill when he used to ring up was so immense and intense.” Diana also recalled how she confronted Charles over his adultery with Camilla.As was shown on NBC in 2004, she said she and Charles met only 13 times before they married. She told Mr Settelen: “I remember saying to my husband, ‘Why, why is this lady around?The show also gained widespread attention with its third season, The Real World: San Francisco, which aired in 1994, and depicted the conflict between David "Puck" Rainey, a bicycle messenger criticized for his poor personal hygiene, As the show increased in popularity, Zamora’s life as someone living with AIDS gained considerable notice, garnering widespread media attention.Zamora was one of the first openly gay men with AIDS to be portrayed in popular media, and after his death on November 11, 1994 (mere hours after the final episode of his season aired), he was lauded by then-President Bill Clinton.

But it is known that among the 21 hours of footage recorded during Mr Settelen’s voice coaching sessions were times in which Diana was remarkably open about her sexual relationship with Prince Charles. He used to see his lady [Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince Charles’ second wife] once every three weeks before we got married.” The NBC broadcast caused such controversy that the BBC later shelved plans for a documentary showing British viewers extracts from the tapes in 2007.

Real World (formerly known as The Real World from 1992 to 2013) is a reality television series on MTV originally produced by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray.

First broadcast in 1992, the show, which was inspired by the 1973 PBS documentary series An American Family, is the longest-running program in MTV history Seven to eight young adults are picked to temporarily live in a new city together in one residence while being filmed non-stop. The Real World was originally inspired by the popularity of youth-oriented shows of the 1990s like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place.

We will do that nearer transmission.” She added that the Channel 4 documentary would include extracts from the video tapes that were not broadcast by NBC and have therefore never before been shown on TV anywhere in the world.

The spokeswoman said: “At a time when everybody is going to be reflecting on her [Diana’s] life and the approaching 20th anniversary of her death, we feel it is important to hear from her directly, and we are placing her voice front and centre.At the time of its initial airing, reviews of the show were mostly negative.

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