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Seems that I’d forgotten that this was the Monday we were scheduled for our monthly water treatment delivery.

This was a new delivery guy and I tried not to appear too flustered as I directed him to the room in which he was to place the water treatment equipment. Doing my best to remove these fantasy thoughts from my head, I wondered what Dave would have thought? I closed the project I was working on, turned the computer off and went upstairs as Dave was coming through the front door.

At first, I was more than just a bit reluctant to fulfill that fantasy, but as time passed, the thought of having another man’s cock in me became more appealing and I found myself enjoying Dave’s fantasy of sharing me with other men.

Now there have not been many, (not nearly enough according to Dave), and those lovers that I have taken were people that I came to know either professionally or were mutual friends of ours.

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All of which were with Dave’s approval and encouragement. Me having sex with other men was and is his fantasy.

It was a Monday morning and Dave had just returned from dropping off our eleven year old at the bus stop.

I was sitting at the desk facing the door and was clad in my robe only.

As badly as I wanted Dave’s cock in me, I knew that if he fucked me he would cum in me and I wanted to be fresh in the morning so I insisted that I wanted to see him cum and asked him to masturbate with me and cum on my tits. In no time I was cumming as Dave deposited his load on my quaking tits.

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After some recovery time he told me he was really looking forward to the “delivery” Dustin was going to make. The following morning, no words passed between us regarding the Culligan man’s scheduled appearance. As he approached the sliding glass door, I opened it and he entered pushing his lift truck.

————————– A few weeks ago I was working at my computer in the lower level of our home when the sliding glass door unexpectedly opened.