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About 1 in 10 requires major re-work, usually the drive way, or other concreated paths, as no one ever puts metal in the driveways, just pours in concrete and hopes it won't crack until the warranty is passed.The industry is treating people like rubbish, because they can.Our neighbour built with them nearly four years ago and have had numerous problems with finishes/painting/etc.The latest saga is that they had to have the entire main bathroom re-tiled after tiles began to randomly fall off the walls/become loose on the floor.

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Their contractors take their time to finish their job, not in and out on the same day.

The bathroom mirror fell off the wall and smashed onto the floor at 4am one morning.

Then there is the issue of the dodgy driveway which was concreted in such a way that it is higher than the retaining wall and subsequently drains over said wall and into our yard. I'm currently in the same situation as you've said in the title "NEVER EVER build another home".

Sure there are added stresses but that's what you get when you build a house and the pay off is a far cheaper house than buying one and pretty much everything is the way you want it even down to the way the handles are mounted on the cupboards.

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We built our house 3 years ago with a large project builder (Clarendon) and made numerous changes to the set plan including moving/removing/adding a few walls, reshaping the alcove area, making the garage longer, moving a wardrobe from downstairs to upstairs, etc.Yes this is a common theme building with volume builders. If he/she is good then they will make sure everything is done right. And yes the people at the head office don't have much clue, they're just sales people and they're not even good at that (too busy drinking coffee).

That’s really what this show is about…whether it’s getting more people participating in voting or getting them active in their community.… continue reading »

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Wir bieten einen sicheren Platz für TS-Frauen, um Männer zu treffen, die ihnen mit Respekt begegnen.… continue reading »

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