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That being the case, why target gomphotheres at El Fin del Mundo or mammoths in the San Pedro valley? (13) is that, given the risk of the enterprise, large game hunting was perhaps less about provisioning and more about prestige.Being successful at such a failure-prone activity conveys social status among peers and competitors and provides a public good that marks the hunter as a powerful ally, dangerous adversary, or attractive mate (12).Crystal quartz is challenging to manufacture and vulnerable to shattering on contact (8, 9), making it a puzzling choice with which to fashion a weapon one’s life might depend on when hunting a massive, aggressive animal with a thick hide.Proboscidean remains are found in all these sites, although the bones in the San Pedro Valley sites are mammoth, some clearly hunted, some perhaps scavenged (4).

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Also, there may have been elements we will never see archaeologically (4), of the sort Teddy Roosevelt glimpsed soon after he took down a bull elephant (and was side-swiped by another) on a postpresidential hunt in Africa: “The gun-bearers, as they walked ahead of us camp ward…began to improvise a song, reciting the success of the hunt, the death of the elephant, and the power of the rifles” (14, p. Of course at the core of that story, or whatever story might have been told at El Fin del Mundo at the end of the Pleistocene, there had to be a kill, for “as in other domains of male contest ‘trash talk’ may have its uses, but reputations for delivering the goods cannot be built upon it” (15, p.

Likewise, the oldest sites are not necessarily the original sites, only the earliest ones known.

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