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Of course, views change when the techies are friends or colleagues instead of boyfriends.

At Dolores Park, three women from Pacific Heights, techies themselves, explain that they see girls who are interested in their co-workers because they are a popular type in San Francisco, even if they’re not particularly attractive. Yet they both agree: “It’s becoming cooler.” So they can be cool, too. At Dolores Park, Georgia Andrews, who works in the field herself, tells me about the new concept of brogrammers, defined by the Urban Dictionary as “a programmer who breaks the usual expectations of quiet nerdiness and opts instead for the usual trappings of a frat-boy: popped collars, bad beer, and calling everybody “bro.” Despised by everyone, especially other programmers.” Georgia says: “Not all of them are like that, but there are these kinds of guys who are more fratty than nerdy … [email protected] next question: What do techies think about dating Mission women?

“They can be very selfish,” says a blond, pretty girl with glasses and a striped T-shirt at 780 Cafe.

She doesn’t want to reveal her name, which is understandable, because she’s about to fiercely criticize almost all of her past techie dates and assert that she will avoid them in the future.

People are genuinely surprised when you ask them out." Mc Kenzie clearly has a romantic side — but he's not always Prince Charming.

“You can’t throw a can of PBR in the Mission without hitting a techie,” she says, sitting at the Sycamore Cafe on Mission Street in front of two lamb sliders with fries.

I’ve just asked her if she has dated any of the guys who work at startups, Google, Facebook or any other computer-related venue.

On the other hand, it’s possible to learn something new. Her experience is as limited as mine, but she imagines she would enjoy dating a techie. And I guess they wouldn’t be too dramatic, too emotional.” Mmm, sounds typically male. “The idea of having an office job used to be a nightmare for young people, but now people do it and it’s exciting!

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But if it’s true that they’re only a PBR can away, meaning a tech date is likely, what do Mission women think about them? Does the industry attract a certain type of man who is better or less understood by women than, say, the typical “men are from Mars” scenarios? “But one of them was a workaholic, so it was hard to see him anyway.” Interesting. I want more input, so I go to Four Barrel Coffee, where everybody seems to be working on a laptop while drinking expensive latte. What about those stories about techies selling their startups for huge amounts of money? At my next coffee-stop, Muddy’s, architect Meg O’Halloran says: “I don’t date techies. They’re smart and ambitious.” Over the day, the views expressed range from admiration to skepticism. ” She is sitting with her sister Carla, and the two discuss in Spanish whether they would like to date a techie. I felt that at a personal level, we were very different.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for — probably not a baker,” she laughs. “They have money,” says Cheri, who prefers to give only her first name.